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Every high net worth individual needs a Family Office


Michael Pellegrino, Inc. provides personalized professional family office services for the high net worth individual. This business began in 1981 when I created a family office for my employer. A family office offers professional management of the diverse assets and activities of high net worth individuals and their families. As a result, clients are able to focus their time and energy on their interests while saving money through the efficiency and experience of the family office manager. Since 1981, I have launched numerous family offices centralizing their operations and taking a professional approach to each individualís personal affairs. Michael Pellegrino, Inc. has grown to presently represent multiple families.


A family office has a skilled professional to create the internal control process providing reasonable assurance of the objectives:

1)      Reliable understandable financials.

2)      Effective and Efficient operations.

3)      Compliance with regulatory agencies.


The family office simplifies your lifestyle and maximizes your time and value of assets.


My services are tailored to your personalized needs.

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